I have a friend who loves acronyms.  I ask her what an initial means at least once every conversation.  It came as little surprise to me that she would have one for Facebook.  Sometimes I feel as if Facebook is taking over my life.  No that is an overstatement.  I feel the same way about Facebook as I do about television (TV).

My family did not have a TV while I was growing up.  This was good for my reading habits but bad for my score in Trivial Pursuit.  I sometimes felt as if important cultural moments passed without my ever knowing they existed.  Due to my stubborn insistence on not becoming a Face book member, this same phenomena is beginning to happen.  I feel as if everyone I know is having a conversation every night and I am the only one who does not know what so and so said.  (They all had this conversation in the third person) 

wall-11Its funny, I totally did not mind missing out on the MySpace craze.  This new one however is tempting me.  It is such a waste of time though.  Now that spring is sprung I can barely make time to keep this blog up to date let alone post a little note first that I am going to be working on it.  My husband has an account so I live vicariously through him, which sates my FOMO (fear of missing out) a little bit.  The only time I want my own is when an old high school friend pops up.  No that is not completely true either, my whole community is on the thing.  My own mother even, you know the one who wouldn’t allow TV because it wasn’t meaningful enough, has a page.  What are they all talking about ?  For now I am resisting the temptation to find out.  God I am stubborn, just like my mother.  Oh gotta go my husband just got a message.

5 Responses to “FB”

  1. Ah, a fellow FOMO member. I hate Facebook but I hate being left out, too!

  2. This totally cracked me up. I resisted Facebook for a long time but finally gave in. Now I regret it but I just. can’t. stop.

  3. LOL! Well, it involves a lot of “poking” and “writing on walls” all of which seems a bit….childish to me. But as an author, it’s a Social Networking system I’ve been sucked into–er I mean, utilized.
    Some of it is fun. But then, I’m weird. I like MySpace too. LOL.
    If I hadn’t been a writer, I probably would have resisted a longer time.
    Don’t give in! LOL.

  4. I am told they don’t do the third person thing anymore. I agree it is a lot of fun I think I am just naturally lazy and it would give me an excuse not to get the bills paid. If I didn’t have someone so close to me doing it I would never be able to resist.

  5. Another FOMO gal here. I’m tired of the “poke” on FB. I do however, enjoy catching up on all the gossip of the day in just few clicks!

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