For the company of the godless is barren…  –Job 15:34

My parents are born again christians.  It has been a few years since they have converted.  In the beginning they would have long discussions with my sister and I about faith and the punishment of the godless.  My sister and I have yet to convert much to my parents chagrin.  

I recently happened to be at their house on a Sunday morning.  My mother invited my children to go to church with her in a very offhand way.  I politely declined on their behalf.  This prompted my mom to wonder aloud why I hated church so much.  I explained that I have nothing against her church or the fact that they go.  As a matter of fact I don’t really have anything against religion at all.


As with politics I am of a Decline To State frame of mind when it comes to religion.  This does not mean I intend to convert on my deathbed.  I think that is very cowardly.  I just have not found any organized religion that called to me.  I find much more truth and beauty in the world around me than in a church or a dusty tome.  As for my children I don’t want anyone to tell them that anything is the absolute truth and you will believe or be punished forever after.  I don’t find fear a healthy harbor for curiosity.  I would never condemn my children for something they have faith in just as I do not condemn my parents.  My worry is for their reaction to me and mine.

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