Fear of Change

th_hybridfest083The conversation around the fire after dinner last night drifted towards Climate Change.  I almost always enter this discussion gleefully, only to come out on the other side feeling as if I was in the wrong argument.  I believe the climate is changing,  I am just unsure how much humankind has to do with it.  I don’t even care if they do.  I care that we all need to be so scared of a changing climate.

I am reminiscent of the Bush administration and all the things they did in fear of terrorism.  The Patriot Act, water boarding, NSA spying, all happened because we needed to protect ourselves from terrorists.  These terrorists could be anyone anywhere and we probably will never be able to wipe them all out.  What fear mongering will be done now to save us all from the climate?

Why does government insist on using fear to change or mend our ways?  Why can’t we be given the chance to embrace learning something new?  I want to strive towards change with open arms asking what it can teach me.  Instead I feel as if every new idea is shoved down my throat by facts and research.  Research that says if we don’t do something yesterday it will be the end for all of us.  Are we really so attached to the way things are now that change has to come from being afraid?

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