Aunt Ruby

Rhett and I will be in the middle of a heated discussion, when he will utter the six worst words he could possibly think of.  “Is Aunt Ruby coming to visit?”  (For those of you who don’t know, he is asking if I am about to start menstruating)  What the hell does he think he is going to accomplish with this question?  

I think he can’t resist because he feels like he has just found the missing puzzle piece and he has to now if it fits right now.

pms1It used to really bother me.  I think it was the implication that I would not be upset or hurt or irritated if it wasn’t that time of the month.  In other words I have no grounds to stand on in an argument if Aunt Ruby is imminent.  This is BS!!!!!!  I still have legitimate concerns.  It doesn’t matter when I am more likely to bring up those concerns.      Dammit, and go to hell.

It no longer bothers me.  I figured out that he is right.  Now, now, stay with me here.  I know it seems unbelievable but it is true.  It is the one time every month where I have the perfect excuse to be a bitch.  I cannot control my hormones and it is not my fault that they control me.  It is meant to be that way.  They have a purpose, something important is going on.  I am not saying its ok to go off the deep end.  I know for me when my hormones kick in I try really hard not to be irritable or short tempered.  I can watch myself lose the battle though, all of which irritates me more.

What’s his excuse?  Did his whole body go through a hormonal change or was he just….tired maybe. (big baby)

So know when Rhett asks me the dreaded question, I say  “Yep thats right so please just say, yes honey, and do the dishes whenever possible.  Then we will get along fine”

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