scan00331I was listening to Democracy Now! this morning when I was astonished to hear that a twelve year old girl, Evann Orleck-Jetter testified in front of the Vermont Legislature on behalf of gay marriage.  Many legislators said they were moved by her testimony.

I do not think children should be used to further anyone’s political agenda.  Obviously it is effective.  I just don’t think children should be concerned with or certainly not in the center of  political issues.   They are children, let them be concerned with school, and what to wear, and what friends house they are going to stay the night at.  I don’t think twelve is old enough to have fully formed opinions about politics.

I know that she should feel strongly about this issue because her parents are lesbian, but that still doesn’t mean she needs to testify.  I am glad the legislators where smart enough to pass the bill.  I just hope it was on the basis of their sense of civil liberties and not because they felt sorry for a little girl. Little girl testifies

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