Breaking Things

I have this weird little thing I do with my household items.  I cannot get rid of anything until it breaks, or is completely used up.  I will suffer years with things I abhor because I am just waiting for them to be useless.  I use these things more often than the stuff I like in the hopes of getting rid of them faster.  For example I have these three coffee cups that have very small chips in them but they still work fine.  I would love to go buy new coffee cups but I don’t have the room for both nice and ugly things.  I am waiting patiently for my daughter, (who just started doing dishes) to break these cups.  I happened to mention this to Rhett today, so he said “What, this one?”, and slammed (I mean dropped) the coffee cup into the cast iron sink.   uh, that wasn’t really what I meant.  He laughed, and I actually got upset.  I am sooo difficult, it turns out what I really want is the serendipity of something breaking by accident, and rejoicing.

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