Another Presidential debate happened last night.  I was overwhelmingly unmotivated to watch it, I am also depressingly unmotivated to vote for any of the presidential candidates.  Not that I don’t like politics, I love being informed, and having an opinion (I have a crazy urge to follow that statement with a smily emoticon).   The truth is that I am bored, it is uninteresting to watch people lie or talk about things they don’t believe in.  I don’t want to vote because I do not think any of my options will help our country.  All we are doing now is damage control and I think they are all terrifically unsuited for the challenge.  Our country is in debt, our foreign policy is a joke, our education system is broken, I know I sound depressing but it is true.

We are still the United States of America, which is something worthwhile.  Our constitution is beautiful and inspiring, our drive for freedom is a small miracle.  Our country can be innovative, and determined.  We need our leaders to exemplify these things in order to find our strengths again.  The debate between Stewart and O’Reilly was interesting, because they were well-informed and believed in what they were saying, they were cutting, yet courteous. When did voting become picking the lesser of two evils, when did running for president become the world’s most expensive circus?  Our idea of leadership seems to have become robots who regurgitate stale values and putrid arguments, all the while kowtowing to the party lines.

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