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There is always a sense of excitement after a storm. I can’t wait to go out and see what damage has occurred during the night. This last one was a pretty big one. They measured winds of up to 97 miles per hour up on Bear River road. I woke up eager to run outside and asses the consequences. There is a tree down in the neighbors yard it missed all the junk cars and Rv’s. It is lying straight across a power line though. I called PG&E but a quarter of the people in the northern part of the state are without power so we are pretty low priority. The gentleman on the phone sounded bored as he took the potentially life threatening information. I can only imagine how many other similar calls he has had this morning. The river is still well within it’s banks which is strangely a little disappointing. I don’t know if it is because we have been in a drought for so long or it is just human nature to be attracted to destruction but it always gives me a little thrill to have the river overcome it’s boundaries. As a matter of fact none of our roads into our little valley are impassable. Down along the beach you can tell that the tide must have been magnificent. There is driftwood thrown atop the dunes and the dunes themselves seem sheared in half by the strength of the incoming tide. Out here the road is thick with mud from the sand leaching across as if the dunes on either side are striving for a connection.

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