I have been reading the book Roots by Alex Haley.  I woke up at four-thirty this morning.  Hoping to read myself back to sleep I picked up the hefty book.  BIG mistake!  I just happened to be at a turning point and I couldn’t put it down until I had rounded the bend.  I have found a few epic books in my life and this is definitely one of them.images

 I don’t understand how our society ever veered away from tribal living.  It seems so much easier on your psyche to know your place in society.  We have so many choices in this society it can get overwhelming.  There is so much doubt that maybe we made the wrong choice or a different one could have been better.  Some part of me feels a pull towards a life in which survival is the only choice.  A life in which we must band together and help each other in order to be healthy and safe.  Maybe that is still the case now.  Maybe that is why it seems so important to have a good community.  Yes, technology has enabled us to survive on our own, but is that really the best choice for such a social animal?

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