Plugged In

1224491855400I am back from a computer vacation.  I was housesitting for some friends and they lived beyond telephone lines.  Their house is beautiful and comfortable.  I really enjoyed being out of touch.  I didn’t go as many places because I didn’t now anything was happening.  I wasn’t concerned about the economy or the war because I was not getting daily updates.  I had fun being with my kids and not being so concerned with what needed to be done.  Without the computer or the phone I had more time to catch up.  I wonder how much of my day is spent waiting for pages to load or trying to fix little glitches.  I must admit at the end of two weeks I was a little  anxious.  I had finished three books and knitted a ball of yarn (I am a beginner so this is exciting for me).  I wasn’t home so I couldn’t really start new projects.  The last two days I became irritable and lazy.  

It felt really good to clean that house and return to my own.  Now I have access to all sorts of things to do, starting the garden, cleaning, working on the house, sewing, pruning.  I am not doing any of them though, I plugged in as soon as I woke up this morning.

2 Responses to “Plugged In”

  1. I just found your blog. I was surfing the internet when I should have been cleaning my own house. I enjoyed my read your lovely place. I’ll be back.

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