Admit It

I have been drawn to a certain type of person lately, or maybe more accurately I am drawn to a certain aspect of all people.  Some just cultivate it more than others.  I adore emotionally unstable capable people.  I want people near me who strive to be better people but fail, a lot,  who are strong enough to take a joke most of the time,  who like clean spaces but don’t always have a clean house, who are intelligent, but admit when they don’t know something.  These are the people who make me feel comfortable and real.  They don’t necessarily make me feel more normal, more like we are all weird, insecure, stupid, mean, jealous, angry, and judgmental. We all have to learn to overcome these things and we all screw up sometimes.

Don’t pretend to be perfect around me, I will get bored and walk away.  I am not always a good mother, I am a raging bitch to my husband, I like it when you can admit the same back to me.  Don’t try to give me what I want, I will not respect, or appreciate your inability to stand up for yourself.  Tell me my hair looks like shit, my shoes are ugly, that dress does not fit me right, I will love you for it. (these things need to be done without an air of judgment, or I will secretly hate you) I will treasure you when you admit your failings, while enjoying your strengths.  Don’t baby me, I may not be able to handle the truth right then but I will remember later, and I will cherish you for it.

Admit the real you, I bet it’s horribly good.

2 Responses to “Admit It”

  1. You love emotional people? Damn, that made me cry!

  2. I will really like you if you don’t mind me laughing at you while you cry.

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