To My Husband

This is my open letter for the week.  Let me just warn you, if you read this you cannot get mad at me.  Most of the time my reaction to you is just that, reactionary.  Very little thought is put into what I say and I am usually being defensive about something that hurts me which I am uncomfortable revealing.  I am not purposefully hiding things from you, most of the time even I don’t know why I am really upset.  This letter is my sifting process.  In an effort to try and spare you every disparaging, irritated, condescending, angry, at the end of my rope feeling I come across this week I am going to write them in this letter.  If I find any that are both important and valid I will bring them up at a time when I feel I am calm enough to control my mouth.  A bad thought becomes bigger in my mind feeding my anger and frustration.  As soon as I write them down, I can feel them lose their steam, and become things that are not worth the time it takes to say them.

There is a website with the same name as the title of this post,  To My Husband.  Check it out its….good.

One Response to “To My Husband”

  1. I kept this letter in the kitchen drawer, I filled a couple of pages, but it was useless I still said most of it in crappy moments.

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