Death Camp

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I bet I have you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside already with that title.  I have been joking with Rhett the last couple of days about the death camp I am running here.

I had ducks and chickens shipped to me.  I have done this before and been successful.  Not this time, it has been 6 days and they are still dying.  I don’t get it, usually if they are going to die they do it within 24 hours, which most of them did, but we are still getting one dead fowl a day at least.  Let me put this in perspective for you, I ordered 26 chicks and 10 ducklings, we have 3 chickens left.  It has been a massacre in my house.  I wake up every three hours in the middle of the night to change their hot water bottle, they have fresh food and water, they have a lamp, they are next to the fire, they aren’t too hot because they snuggle the hot water bottle, I gave them a very little sugar in their water when they arrived.  Dead animals don’t usually bother me, but the ducklings were really cute and they would have been our first ones.

My daughter is having a sleepover tonight, when the parents brought her friend over, they ran over our dog.  He is dead.  They deserve to be defended, our dog is a pug puppy, he is little.  They were turning around so they were probably not even going a mile per hour, the dog leaped off the porch, (he just got big enough to do that) and ran under their tire. Dammit, that was dumb. I kinda liked that dog. I had to dig a grave, because Rhett is in town, then I had to let the girls say goodbye.  I love my girls, they cried for about 10 seconds, then ran off to play in the treehouse. (Maybe I should make them come down from there) Nobody should bring any vulnerable animals to my house for the foreseeable future. I am sad

The Best Bar On The Arcata Plaza

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Rhett and I ran into a disagreement Google could not solve for us.  We were going to breakfast at Luke’s Joint, which led to a discussion about what used to be in that vicinity.  Both Marino’s and NEC burned down over there.  I think Marino’s was where the glassblowing place is now or the H2O bar (is that still open?), and he thinks it was where the chain link fence and the empty lot are.  Can you solve this for us?  By the way, that was the best bar on the plaza.  It didn’t stink like Toby and Jack’s (what is that smell?).  It wasn’t a meat market like Sidelines, it didn’t cater mostly to a specific sexuality, and back then Everett’s was the old people bar.  Now Everett’s is the best because it has Betty.

Breaking Things

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I have this weird little thing I do with my household items.  I cannot get rid of anything until it breaks, or is completely used up.  I will suffer years with things I abhor because I am just waiting for them to be useless.  I use these things more often than the stuff I like in the hopes of getting rid of them faster.  For example I have these three coffee cups that have very small chips in them but they still work fine.  I would love to go buy new coffee cups but I don’t have the room for both nice and ugly things.  I am waiting patiently for my daughter, (who just started doing dishes) to break these cups.  I happened to mention this to Rhett today, so he said “What, this one?”, and slammed (I mean dropped) the coffee cup into the cast iron sink.   uh, that wasn’t really what I meant.  He laughed, and I actually got upset.  I am sooo difficult, it turns out what I really want is the serendipity of something breaking by accident, and rejoicing.

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Cleaning the toilet makes you think differently about the people in your household.

“How did that get there?”

A website with pretty pictures of people whose toilets I will never have to clean:  This Is Not Porn

To My Husband

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This is my open letter for the week.  Let me just warn you, if you read this you cannot get mad at me.  Most of the time my reaction to you is just that, reactionary.  Very little thought is put into what I say and I am usually being defensive about something that hurts me which I am uncomfortable revealing.  I am not purposefully hiding things from you, most of the time even I don’t know why I am really upset.  This letter is my sifting process.  In an effort to try and spare you every disparaging, irritated, condescending, angry, at the end of my rope feeling I come across this week I am going to write them in this letter.  If I find any that are both important and valid I will bring them up at a time when I feel I am calm enough to control my mouth.  A bad thought becomes bigger in my mind feeding my anger and frustration.  As soon as I write them down, I can feel them lose their steam, and become things that are not worth the time it takes to say them.

There is a website with the same name as the title of this post,  To My Husband.  Check it out its….good.


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These are scenes we have watched so many times throughout history.  Each time is painfully beautiful.  There is something amazingly uplifting about people fighting for what they believe in.  Full of hope and fear.  The hope of change, and the fear that everything remains the same no matter the sacrifice.  I hope they succeed in beneficial change.


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I was getting gas at Bear River Casino the other day,  (don’t judge, my parents live in Loleta) when I saw a curious sight.  A young bearded man in an army fatigue jacket was pushing an old toothless woman in a wheelchair down the hill.  They were talking and laughing obviously very pleased with themselves and life in general.  I couldn’t help but smile back at them.  My mind instantly made up their story.  Maybe he was her grandson and he was taking her for a walk, how wonderful that they took so much delight in each other even with their age difference.  How sweet of him to be so considerate of her.  It was a beautiful day for a walk.  Then I thought “don’t be so naive, they had obviously gone to the casino.”  They were obviously poor so maybe that wasn’t the smartest thing to spend money on but so what if granny wanted to spend her money on gambling, it was still generous of the young man to take her, and they had obviously had good luck.

About a week later I drove past them on the freeway on my way to Scotia.  They were right before the Main St. Fortuna exit.  My inner monologue was astonished at the distance the young man was willing to push his granny.  I guess they felt they should take advantage of the good weather.  Surely they didn’t make the trip in bad weather, and I had never seen them before.  As before both were smiling, granny was sitting crosslegged in her chair, they must have had good luck again.

Yesterday I was in the Safeway parking lot in Fortuna, when I saw the young man walking across the lot alone.  Hmmm he must have left granny at home.  Then I pulled up to the stop sign and there she was with a cardboard sign that said homeless please help.  oh